Fall-Winter 2022 Exploring the “Power of Art” and “Fearless Heart” as a conveyance of character and an expression of strength, ANTEPRIMA celebrates female self-respect and inner strength which  is rooted in Anteprima philosophy of “Smart, Precious, with Love” 



Autumn Moonlit Carrying the Night
New Journey Begins
At Château La Coste

Power of Art
Heartfelt Connection in Depth Beauty

Immediate and Intimate
Cognized in Stillness
Sensibility of Aliveness

Designing Emotion
Be Bold yet Elegant
Be Smart yet Sensual

Winter Sky Clouded
Architected Allure
Ignite My Heart

Burst forth Sleek Shine
Hold in Uniqueness and Style

Never Leave the Passion Behind
Life like Dream Stream
Somewhere Nowhere yet for Myself