A vision of new horizon

A simple beauty with emotional sensitivity



Memories drift on the sand and breeze

Fading, slowly, readying the whole world for rest

Never again will we ever be the same?


Eyes gazing over a landscape bare

Warm, soft, and full of stillness

Self-discovery to Reconnect


A simple beauty with emotional sensitivity

Our free, unfettered spirits gives

You and Me to Reconnect


Path now set, laid before us known

A being breathing thoughtful breath


We now know to be true,

A vision of new horizon



Directed By: Kendra Koh, Sam Chan

Produced By: Carmen Cheng

Styling: Sabrina Mellace

Music By: Thomas Costantin
Director of Photography: Sam Chan
Cinematographer: Kendra Koh

Drone Camera Operator: Robin Lee

Drone Camera Assistance: Olivier Chi Ki 
Focus Puller: Chan Hin Cheuk, Ip Tsz Hin
Camera Assistant: Leung Kok To
Dolly Grip: Kwan Yet Hei, Wu King Wai Daniel
Gaffer: Fung Ho Ning Best Boy: Ho Ka Lai

Electrician: Cheung Hing Yeung, Li Man Kit

DIT: Eric Chan Art Direction & Set Design: Point Studio

Production Team: Twenty2 Production

Editor: Kendra Koh Colorist & VFX: fmlik

Starring: Tanya M, Jakub Sliwa, Galya Ivanova, Louie Langston, Daria Ma

Hair Stylist: Match Tong@HAiR, Haysses Ip@HAiR

Leading Makeup Artist: Sapphire Shen

Makeup Artist: Kae Li, Man Man Fong

Makeup Assistant: Elise Kan, Cherice Tseng

Assistants: Kit Lai, Lie Kaho  


Backstage Photographer

Aron Akesson


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Fenix Fashion Ltd., Guitar Advertising & PR

HANAYAMA CO.,LTD., Hui Ying Knitting Factory

Jiaxing Senchuang Fashion Co. Ltd.

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